Differentiation of the Program Modules

Windows Application / Web Suite / Web Server for Telephone Services

The operation after installation and configuration of the aurenz software takes place in the aurenz web suite. This is exclusively handled via the web browser and no installation of client software is necessary.

The basic configuration and administration is carried out via the administrative program interface - the Windows program (UCA.ex) that is installed on the server. The following tasks must be done in the admin interface:

  • Connection to the pbx system
  • LDAP connection for automatic organisation chart import
  • Create user and role
  • Data protection settings
  • Tariffing/network carrier
  • Activation/deactivation of certain features: Call types, cost types, fraud detection, alarm signalling (basic settings)
  • Configuration of customized data exports
  • Configuration of the web suite
  • Edit report forms

The following features are available via the web suite:

  • Configuration and scheduling of reports
  • Administration of reports
  • Running reports
  • Deleting call data
  • Set up request for deletion
  • Administration of the organisation chart
  • Set up hunt groups
  • Running and managing dashboards 
  • Call Data Explorer
  • Viewing the system logs
  • Connection to e-mail server

The following tasks can be done in the web server for telephone services:

  • Subsequent marking of calls as private or business
  • The booking of one-time service costs.
  • Support of XML-capable telephone terminals

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