Installation issues

Here you will find some problems that may occur during the installation. You will find further assistance and explanations in the FAQ section on our website Please ensure that the user account (the account being used for the installation) has administrative rights in the local system. In addition, right-click to start the installation wizard ("setup.exe") and the option "run as administrator".

Difficulties with the execution of services and/or application

If you experience difficulties starting the aurenz services or any of the Windows applications, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Check the rights of the MS Windows user account used for the installation: Equip the user with local administrative rights and start the installation again with a right click and the option "run as administrator".
  • Check the rights of the user account that is stored in aurenz services: Provide the service-user with local administrative rights and the right "log in as service". Check whether the problem has been resolved.
  • Check the rights of the logged-in MS Windows user account: Provide the user with local administrative rights and check if the problem has been resolved
  • Log in to the Windows system with the user account used for the aurenz services. The first time you log in, a local user profile will be created, which may be necessary under certain circumstances. Stop the service causing the problem and start the associated application (e.g. data collection) with administrative rights.

Error message "No valid serial number...".

Only in case you using the USB dongle as copy protection option:

If the dongle was not recognized correctly, this error is announced when licensing via USB dongle. It is not possible to continue the installation in this state. In this case, you should check whether the USB port is blocked by the firewall, by a virus scanner for example, whether the USB port is defective (test the dongle on another USB port), the driver (CBUSB Ver 2.0) has not been installed or whether the dongle itself is defective. To install the driver manually, execute the "CBUSetup.exe" in the main directory of the DVD or the downloaded and previously unpacked ZIP archive under "uncompressed/marx" using the right mouse button as administrator. To check whether the dongle is defective, you can use the "DongleTester.exe" in the installation source under "Uncompressed/Marx". After the dongle problem has been solved, uninstall the aurenz software and restart the installation by executing the setup.exe using the "right mouse button"/as administrator again.

Forgotten password

If access with the SUPERUSER user is no longer possible because the password(s) are unknown, please retrieve a "reset number" from your installation. To do this, open the info dialogue:

Menu bar: ? > Info about UC-Analytics or Info about AlwinPro (accessable also if one is not logged in).

Hold down the "CTRL" key and click with the right mouse button on the left-hand side of the info window. Take the serial and reset number from the "reset super user password" dialogue that now appears, and contact the aurenz customer support, for a "reset code" (subject to charge). Enter this in the corresponding field of the "Password Reset" dialogue and reset the password. Make a note of the new password and log in. You will now be asked to change the password again.

Automatic Database Optimisation

To optimise performance, the database should be optimised in regular intervals. This helps to rebuild the index files and speed up database access.

Warning: Before you carry out a database optimisation, you should run a complete backup.

After starting, an exclusive database access is initiated. It is not possible to work with the program during this time. An automatic database optimisation can be created like this: Go to the menu bar and select Set up/ Automatic database optimisation and create a new report rule by right-clicking on: "Automatic database optimisation".

Repair Database

The database optimisation program module can also be used - to a certain extent - to repair the database structure. This can occur if, for example, the operating system crashes during a write operation to the database and an error is consequently displayed when accessing the database. Before you carry out a database optimisation, you should run a complete backup of your aurenz software. Furthermore, the error is logged in the Error-X.log in the logs directory of the aurenz software installation directory. The following is an example:

[8844] ProgramException Fehler beim Zugriff auf die Datenbank. (2303)
Nr. 160
[8844] -> UC-Analytics - Service - [] - (HP: <Rechnername>) <-
[8844] <DataBaseEngineCtree.cpp, #7158> <#7145> [11.11.2111 11:11:11]
[8844] <DataBaseEngineCtree.cpp, #5337>
[8844] <DataBaseEngineCtree.cpp, #5253>
[8844] <DataBaseEngineCtree.cpp, #4599>
[8844] <DatabaseDataFactory.cpp, #338>
[8844] <DatabaseDataFactory.cpp, #643>
[8844] <z:\database\databasedatafactoryorga.cpp, #2427>

Data Collector Missing Data Records

Depending on which communication system are being used, the aurenz software might not be able to read a small part of the data records - check this via the error-record.dat. To ensure a smooth transmission, make sure that the communication between the communication system and the aurenz software is working properly (router / firewall / hardware). Another typical cause for problems could be a configuration change or an update of the communication system - if the format or the structure of the data records changes, the changes must also be adapted to the aurenz software. If you can’t find out what’s causing the problem, please send us the error-record.dat, the data record monitor and, if available, the Error-x.log files (in the logs folder of the aurenz software installation directory). Send an e-mail to also including the details of the connection type, system type, system release and a problem description.

Back-Up and Restore Data

Die Sicherung der Daten in der aurenz Software kann über zwei Wege erfolgen:

Backing up data in the aurenz software can be done in two ways:

  • With the included module data backup, which you can find in the program-group of your aurenz software (see chapter 7.1).
  • With the help of an external backup program (see chapter 7.1).

Several Workstations of the Windows Application are required

Solution: Additional workplace installation (see chapter 5.11).

Online Licence Activation not possible

The system on which the aurenz software is operated requires access to the licence server via the URL For this, basic access to the Internet, in particular to the server, must be assured. If access to the internet is not possible, manual activation by telephone can be initiated (see chapter 4.1). 

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