UC-Analytics User Manual (EN)


This document provides a guide and assistance for the operation and setup of the aurenz software AlwinPro UC-Edition for billing of UC services and the analytics software UC-Analytics. As UC-Analytics includes the features of the software AlwinPro UC-Edition, no further differentiation between the two programs will be made in this document.

On our website www.aurenz.de you will find further information, video tutorials and FAQ's.

You can get further support from your system house or partner from whom you purchased the software. The aurenz software can be purchased, implemented and supported by numerous sales and integration partners.

Legal Note

All rights to this documentation, in particular the right of reproduction, distribution and translation, are reserved. No part of the documentation may be reproduced in any form or processed, copied or distributed using electronic systems without prior written permission from aurenz GmbH. Aurenz GmbH is not liable for any errors in this documentation. Any liability for direct or indirect damages arising in connection with the delivery or use of this documentation is - as far as legally permissible - excluded.

The reports created with the help of this software product are based on the data transmitted by the communication system. Tests with different tele communication systems have shown that in certain cases insufficient data is provided. The liability of aurenz GmbH for the completeness, topicality and correctness of the connection data transmitted by the communication system used by the licensee is excluded.

Detailed information on various telephone systems and compatible communication systems can be found at www.aurenz.de


User Manual 28.03.2020

Software Version UC-Analytics & AlwinPro UC-Edition 12.0.3

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