Maintenance Tasks

Backup and Restore

Die Sicherung der Daten in UC-Analytics kann über zwei Wege erfolgen:

The UC-Analytics data can be backed up in two ways:

  • With the Data Backup module included in UC-Analytics. Find it in the UC-Analytics program group.
  • Or by using an external backup program.

Manuelle Sicherung und Zurückspielen gesicherter Daten

Manual backup and restoring backed up data

Starten Sie die manuelle Sicherung über „Datensicherung" im Startmenü unter aurenz Software oder durch öffnen der AlwinBackUp.exe im Installationsverzeichnis über die rechte Maustaste als Administrator.
Folgende Sicherungsvarianten sind verfügbar:

Start the manual backup via "Data backup" in the start menu under aurenz Software or by opening the AlwinBackUp.exe in the installation directory using the right mouse button as administrator.

The following backup variants are available:

  • Settings (backup of configuration settings, network carrier, organisation chart data, forms, regulations, ...)
  • Organisation Chart (securing the organisation chart data)
  • Call data (backup of call data)
  • Complete (includes all previously mentioned backup types)

The backup consists of files from the selected datasets. These are stored compressed in one or more cab files á 650MB. By activating the checkbox "Use intermediate directories", you can accelerate the backup or shorten the unavailability of the aurenz software, as all files are copied first and only then compressed and checked for consistency.

WARNING: The database is locked during the backup - all users working with aurenz software will receive a message saying that the database is locked and that they will not be able to continue working until the backup is complete.

The backup file is stored in the form of a ".cab" file (compressed and packed) in the specified target directory. For each backup, a new file with the filename-form "APBACKajjjmmttss-version-designation-partial-backup" is placed in the specified destination directory. The file name contains information about the type of backup (symbolised by "a"), the backup date (yyyymmdd), how many backups have been made on the same day (symbolised by "ss"), the version name and a name for any possible partial backups.

In our example, the file name is APBACKA2019010100-11.2.02 This is the first backup of this day. The backup type includes a complete backup and was created on 01.01.2019. The indication of the backup type includes the letters O (organisational chart data), E (settings), G (call data) and A (complete).

If the backup is larger than 650 MB, partial backups are created. This can be recognized by the two letters before the extension ".cab". In our example, the name of the second partial backup would be APBACKA2019010100-11.2.02

Data transfer to a new installation.

  1. Start the UC Analytics module Data Backup with the right mouse button as administrator.
  2. In the Data Backup window, select the TAB "Restore backed up data".
  3. Enter the file to be restored and start the back-up.

Restore old data files

If an old database is to be restored, a complete backup can be imported - In order to preserve the current data stock, a complete backup should be made before restoring old data stocks.

WARNING: Please note that when only restoring call data, for example, the current network carrier tariffs are being used. If old tariffs are to be used for the calculation, these must also be restored or imported.

Data Backup Automation

Menu item Setup/Automatic Data Backup

We recommend that you always run the automatic backup on the PC on which the UC-Analytics is installed.

Under the "Data backup" TAB, you select the target directory, the type of backup and whether intermediate directories consistency check and log file are to be used or not. You do not need to edit the TAB "Report group" for the automatic data backup.

The configuration can be adjusted under "scheduled reports". The target directory must be created in advance and is not created automatically. The automated data backup is managed by the data collector service. This service or the user account that starts the service needs sufficient rights to the target directory.

Data backup with external Backup Programs

For data backup via an external backup program, the database must be locked for all other accesses during this time, and then released again. This is possible with the AlwinLock.exe in the program directory of the aurenz software.

Example of a batch file:

start /w C:\Program Files\Aurenz\UC-Analytics\Alwinlock /lock
< run backup program here >
start /w C:\Program Files\Aurenz\UC-Analytics\Alwinlock /unlock

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