PBX Connector for innovaphone cloud PBX


  • The Presence Hub Cloud service will be connected to the innovaphone cloud through the innovaphone's Websocket interface.

  • The main focus of the Presence Hub is to suppress second calls. With innovaphone, we use the functionality that calls should be forwarded based on the presence status. For this purpose, innovaphone provides the option "Call forward based on Presence" in the user settings, which must be activated. In addition, call forwarding on busy (CFB) must be active for the users. These settings are described in the following section.

Prepare your innovaphone cloud PBX instance

To be able to use the Websocket interface, this must be configured accordingly in innovaphone. The steps are as follows:

Setup an App-Login

To do this, a new "App object" must be created in the innovaphone PBX with the following parameters:

  • Name: "Aurenz-PresenceHub" (this can of course be any name. In this description, however, it is assumed that "Aurenz-PresenceHub" was used).

  • Hidden: The "app" should NOT appear in the myApps client.

  • PbxApi: As we use the PbxApi for presence synchronization, this must be activated.

  • Admin: Since we retrieve additional information (e.g.: e-mail address, etc..) (possibly also set for CFB), we need this access


In order for the "Aurenz-PresenceHub" app to have access to the presence information of the individual users, this must be configured accordingly like it is shown in the following screenshot. Instead of doing this for a single user, this can of course also be done using "Templates".

Go to the "Visibility" item in the "User" object list and make an "Aurenz-PresenceHub" entry with the corresponding options activated (see screenshot).

Call forward based on Presence

Since we want to switch the presence status and thus ensure that no calls are getting through to the user, this must be configured accordingly. In the User object in the innovaphone, the option "Call forward based on Presence" must be activated in the "User" tab:

The Call forwarding on busy (CFB) option must be set in the user object. This is shown as an example in the screenshot below (the actual values are of course customer-specific).

Please keep in mind that the innovaphone option “Call forward based on Presence” causes calls to get forwarded to a defined destination number. This destination number must be configured by the users themselves (“Call diversions - Busy” option). If there is no destination number defined the default destination number, which is a global setting in the PBX connector, is used by the Presence Hub.

UPDATE 2023/12/01: Due to a bug in the innovaphone API there is no way to access the “Call diversion - Busy” option from outside the Presence Hub. That means, if the user has not defined the destination for the call forwarding, the call will not be forwarded at all.

Configuration of the PBX Connector for the innovaphone cloud PBX

Please configure a new connector under Configuration in the table of PBX Connectors with Add Pbx. A dialog appears: As type, select one of the entries that starts with “innovaphone”. If you have selected an item, a description of how the connector handles the status mapping appears below the combo box. Please check the description if the mapping rules fits to your requirements. If not pick another type and check again. Finally assign a meaningful name and description and commit the changes with update. The settings can be changed any time by selecting edit in the corresponding line in the list.

The rules how the Presence Hub handles the status mapping between teams and the PBX will be displayed if you press the Info button of the PBX Connector in the list.

Now, after you created a PBX Connector instance, you will find it in the table. The status of the connector is shown in the Status column. Since the connector is not configured yet, it shows “Offline”. To configure it, click the Configure button. Configuration details will be displayed in a pop up window. 

  • Server: IP-Address/DNS of the Avaya IPO

  • Port: depending on the protocol, usually 443,

  • Protokoll: usually wss

  • Login Username: This is the app login previously created in innovaphone (here it is “Aurenz-PresenceHub”).

Pressing the Test button attempts to establish a connection to the innovaphone cloud instance. If successful, this is indicated by a green notification pop up. In case of an error, a red notification pop up with an error description appears. Please save the settings with pressing the Save button.


To update the status of the connector press the Refresh button in the PBX connector list! Please read here about how to interpret the PBX Connector status information.

Congratulation! You have just completed the configuration of the connection to your innovaphone cloud!

Now continue with the configuration of the endpoints for which you want to activate status synchronization. 


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