WebSuite Mail Box

The WebSuite mail box is a personalised message portal integrated into the WebSuite. You can configure each report to issue a message to a Web Suite mail box. To do this, you must select "Inbox" as output channel in the report configuration, and enter the email address of the intendent recipient. Alternatively for accounting reports select the option "To  list recipient", for statistical reports select "Use the email address of measurement group" to automatically determine the email address from the respective organisational chart element or the hunt group configuration.

The UC-Analytics user assignment is based on the email address which has been stored by the user (user administration in the administration tool). You do not enter the user name as recipient, but the email address which is assigned to this user.

The recipient can view his messages via his Web Suite mail box and download the reports as attachments or have the "attachment displayed” directly in his browser. All messages are stored in the mailbox until they are deleted manually. A message consists of the message body, a subject and the attachment which is the actual report. The reading status is displayed and it is immediately visible when new messages are available.

View of the report directly in the browser including the possibility to step through the pages and statistic types:

Web Suite mail box vs. email mailbox:

It is better to use the personalised WebSuite mail box for the automatic distribution of the reports because if you distribute reports via email (in case of automatic email forwarding) sensitive reports may reach people who do not have the necessary authorisation. Therefore, rather use the Web Suite mail box as a download portal for automatically generated reports.

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