The UC-Analytics Web Suite

Web Suite Login

The access to UC-Analytics is personalised and secured with access data. To log in to the Web Suite you need a valid user account. This is usually a username and a password (depending on the configuration it also could be the telephone PIN). Please use your username and password to log in.

Automatic Creation of User Logins 

The system can be configured so that the credentials are created automatically. The email address of the user can be used as login name. The user is then automatically created and the initial password is sent to the user by e-mail. Which authorisation the user has depends on the "Standard" role in basic settings and on which organisation chart elements the user's e-mail address is connected to.

Web Suite Structure

After a successful authentication, the Web Suite opens and, depending on the user's authorisation, displays different tiles, the quick launch bar and the user favourite sections. Each of the tiles stands for a specific functional area such as the management of the organisation chart or reports.

The quick start bar "Execute report" on the left hand side shows reports, that you are authorised to run, as links in different groups. You can use the links to run the reports clearly arranged but with limited options. The groups can be modified in the administration tool.

In "My Favourites", you can use the drag & drop function to connect various elements from the organisation chart, reports and Quick Start Bar and thus link them as favourites. You then have direct access to these elements with one click.

As an alternative to the tiles, you can also access the individual function areas via the menu bar. You will also find the file manager under the "file" menu. The file manager allows you to access a specific folder on the UC-Analytics server. You can use the file manager to upload or download files to and from this location. This is necessary if you, for example, want to use certain text templates for e-mail notifications. You can upload the template file via the file manager and then reference it in the report.

File Manager

Files are always stored encrypted on the server's file system via the file manager and can only be processed by UC-Analytics. Please note, however, that all users share this file system and this is therefore not a suitable storage location for reports.

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