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Table of Contents

Supported IPO Editions

  • 500v2 Standalone

  • IP Office Server Edition/Select

  • IP Office Server Edition/Select with Primary/Secondary/Expansion (limitation: Sync only with the primary node)

 Not supported:

  • 500v2 SCN Network


  • The Presence Hub Cloud service will be connected to the Avaya IPO on the customer side through the Avaya MT-CTI3 interface. This interface needs to be activated in the Avaya IPO admin portal.

  • Since the MT-CTI3 interface is being accessed from the Presence Hub cloud service, please check your network and firewall settings. Remark: Avaya Workplace clients working remotely also utilize this interface, it needs to be set up/configured in a similar manner. The administrator who is managing your Avaya IPO should be able to configure this. However, the next section shows the necessary configuration settings.