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Are you annoyed by parallel phone calls when using Microsoft Teams together with another communication platform like RingCentral, Unify, Avaya or Cisco? Do you miss a reliable user presence status over all systems?



The rules for the mapping of the presence status between teams and the PBX will be displayed if you press the Info button of the PBX Connector in the list.


If the RingCentral’s built in presence sync is enabled the user presence status in Teams remains always in status “busy” after a call in RingCentral. Please disable this feature in the RingCentral admin portal! For details please read check the Troubleshooting section.

You must also ensure that the RingCentral connection to the Microsoft calendar is disabled. Otherwise, the presence status in Teams will be switched to DND for every calendar event, regardless of whether the user is in a conversation or not.

Please see also For details please check the Troubleshooting section in this document.

Now, after you created a PBX Connector instance, you have to configure the connection settings. This differs for each type and will be explained next: Select the new added connector in the list PBX Connectors and click the Configure button. Configuration details will be displayed in a pop up window.